Saturday, December 23, 2023

Christmas Adam

 Today is Christmas Adam, as the Nies like to say.
It's the day before Christmas Eve.
The fridge is stocked with food, and the gifts are all bought 
(but not wrapped...yet). 
The candles are fresh, the woods are chopped, the Santa bed is set up
in front of the TV upstairs, surrounded by candles and comfy blankets.
Christmas love and cheer have been sent to neighbors, the treat spot 
is set up in the center of the dining room, and we have plenty of 
sourdough starter for baking.
Nicholas's Christmas talk he is giving in church tomorrow is written and
Christian and I have warmed our voices up as we prepare 
to sing in the Christmas choir in church.  

It's a Christmas miracle I am singing because I don't sing.

I made a list, and I checked it twice,
Santa at Stillestead is coming to town!

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