Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Chopping Woods

Christian opened one of his Christmas gifts from under the tree
 this afternoon.  It was strictly out of necessity.
It was his new big, manly axe.
We were fresh out of firewood and with Christmas just around the
corner, Stillestead was in desperate need of more wood.
Last Summer, the boys chopped down a cedar tree and pilled
up the logs for chopping on a later day.
That day was today.
The wood had a delightful fragrance and a beautiful color.
When we lived in New Mexico, locals referred to
 chopping wood as "chopping woods," and it's stuck, and now that's
what we call it, too.

After Christian chopped woods, 
he played soccer with Lottie (in his boots) while Gigs and I sat on the 
porch swing while he snuggled his favorite hen, Cindy.
It was 60 degrees today.
I'm not complaining.
It was pretty nice being able to sit outside and enjoy
the sunlight on my face in December.
And I love that it gets cold at night so we can enjoy cozy fires
with our freshly cut woods.

Stillestead is ready for Christmas!

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