Saturday, November 25, 2023


 We went on a family hike this afternoon in a nearby wilderness park. 
 It was beautiful and cold, but getting out was just what we all needed.  
Christian only packed a little bag of mixed nuts and a few mandarin oranges.  
I think we all felt like we were going to die of starvation.  
We felt like what the pioneers must have felt walking across the plains.  
Just kidding, but we were pretty dramatic.
As we were about to head out for dinner, we came upon a 
magnificent tree that had fallen over, 
landing on its side with its roots exposed.  
It led us into a great conversation about the significance of 
having a solid foundation that can ground and sustain us during tough times. 
It reminded us to be resilient and stay firm, 
even when life's storms come our way, 
so we don't fall over with a single blow.
Then, we're stronger for it.  Nature is the greatest teacher.
We picked out our Christmas tree on the way home and listened to U2
and talked about how much we missed Ollie and Jane.
Then, to finish the day, our mighty truck reached 200,000 miles.  
What a champ!

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