Friday, November 24, 2023

Grazing the Leftovers

Today, we lounged around the house, grazing the leftovers all day and relaxing.
Christian spent the day working in the pastures with the cows, fixing fences,
and whatever else he does when alone out there.
(He really likes it).
Gigs went to milk the goats and hit a deer on the way home.
It doesn't look bad, but the radiator is shot. It will need to be towed
to the shop.  Merry Christmas! Booo.
I was soooo relieved he was OK.
in the truck.  Something about my boys and November.
Right after he got home, Christian and I knelt down to 
thank God that he was OK.
These North Carolina roads are treacherous- especially with
 crazy Kamikaze deer jumping out in front of cars.
Right before sunset, Lottie and Claire did some oil painting in the 
front yard.
I made cider and served it with gingerbread, 
and we enjoyed feeling like we
were on the set of a Jane Austin movie.

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