Thursday, November 02, 2023

Hygge Camera

 A package came in the mail for Gigs today.  
He walked in the door from school with a giant grin!
"It came, Mom!" He announced to me.
"What?  What came?" 
I asked him, following him to the table where he fiercely began
unwrapping the package.
"Remember the money you gave me for my birthday?
Well, this is what I got with it."
Just kidding.
Then he pulled out of the box a 1997 camcorder that 
he bought from a dude on eBay in Ohio.  
It was the same model as my family had growing up.
I was surprised he wanted to spend his money on that hunk 
of junk, but then again, not really.
This is Gigs were talking about.
I asked him if he wanted to film how Hygge our house was that evening
or the beautiful colored fall leaves in the vase on the counter.
Or perhaps me, making dinner.
He was really excited to do all of those things,
 but when he went to open the tape deck to put in the new 
tape to film, and it didn't budge.
I asked him if he was disappointed that it was broken. 
I admit, it was a little anticlimactic for him,
 but he said he would figure out the problem, then spent the whole
night online looking up how to fix an ancient video camera.
I secretly think he likes figuring out these problems.
Go, Gigs, Go!

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