Saturday, October 07, 2023

17 Ways To Ruin A Birthday

If you were to ask Gigs about his seventeenth birthday, 
he would probably say it was a disappointing one. 
It's a stressful job being BCO (Birthday Cheif Officer), but I have managed
to make birthdays special for my children, 
and have been for almost 22 years now!
 Although I have made some mistakes over the years, 
such as giving the wrong size of a gift or making a 
cake with the wrong flavor, 
they were not a big deal in the long run. 
The problem was that I decided to ignore all the birthday 
hints Gigs was dropping for me and
instead, be the cool mom and give him gifts he didn't
ask for, but that I knew he'd love.
Well, turns out the THREE vintage hand-knitted sweaters I found
at second-hand stores online were SO OFF BASE 
when he unwrapped the second sweater, and I thought he was going to cry.
"Wait, is this an Olaf sweater, too?" he asked me.
"I'll wait to open that later." 
Which was code for; I'm not going to open that one up. Like ever.
In my mind, I was gifting him a cool story to go along with the
few (THREE) super cool '90s J.Crew cool guy sweaters.
That failed miserably.
I ended up giving him cash to get the goofy baggy skater pants
and the gigawatt gizmo tool for his tinkering projects upstairs
which was so unoriginal.
Then, I fell asleep while we attempted to watch Batman as a family.
It turns out I'm old and boring and not cool anymore,
which makes me wonder if I ever was?

A special thanks to Umi in Utah for sending Gigs THREE bags of delicious
 cinnamon bears from the BYU bookstore.
His favorite!
Mom, you may have turned the birthday into a success!

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