Friday, October 27, 2023

Work It!

This afternoon, after I got home from my Barre class, I put on the overalls and 
Christian and I relocated and unloaded the mobile 
squeeze chute to a different area of the pasture so that 
we can work the cows.

Our plan is to breed one more cow and insert a nose ring in April, 
so she can't nurse any longer.
 (She's a big girl now!)
But look at how cute Stevie is with his white milk face:
Christian is amazing, and it's incredible to watch him effortlessly handle
all the heavy lifting, backing up, and setting up.
He also wears his sexy Jason overalls.
Which is like Halloween all year round!
I had warm, fresh sourdough bread ready inside for lunch!

The pastures look incredibly beautiful in autumn.

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