Thursday, October 26, 2023

Peace In Christ


My heart just feels heavy.
So heavy.
There is just so much going on in the world.
Some days, the weight of the world can feel overwhelming. 
Amidst the chaos of global events and natural disasters that bring destruction,
 sadness, and pain, two men in Lottie's Middle School
carpool lane this morning had a heated argument 
filled with screaming, blaming, and threats. 
The police had to intervene. 
It is disheartening to witness so much anger and aggression 
even in our communities.
What on earth could make you so dang mad?

And I can't imagine a world without peace.
True peace that can only be found through Jesus Christ. 
Not on social media, or in worldly things, or in the news, 
in food, clothes, exercise, or other organizations, 
it's through and only through Jesus.
He is available, He is steady, He is constant,
He is calming; He is everlasting.
He is TRUE peace.
Nothing else can bring that to our hearts and souls.
In times of need or confusion, it is natural to seek guidance and support,
and many things can help us.
One of the most powerful is loved ones in our lives.
These people can offer us comfort, wisdom, 
and a listening ear when we need it most. 

But their support only goes so far. 
Ultimately, the most reliable and enduring 
source of strength and guidance comes from Jesus.
 We can turn to Him, who is eternal and unchanging 
and will never abandon us. 
In times of trouble, He offers us a safe haven and a source
 of hope to sustain us through even the darkest moments. 

I want to shout this to everyone!
To all the mothers trying to raise children in this world, 
who, like me, often feel deflated and tired, know that although 
we can't keep up with everything and everyone,
we can still feel peace.  Anywhere, anytime, through Him.
We can feel loved, validated, and encouraged
in our darkest, saddest, most depressed moments.
He knows, He hears, and He will help.

"He give us hope
When hope is gone
He give us strength
When we can't go on
He give us shelter
In the storms of life
When there's no peace in earth
There is peace in Christ"
Thank you, Nik Day, for this beautiful song!

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