Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The First Of The Season!

After Gigs and Lottie got home from school, 
Gigs helped me line our long driveway
with pumpkins. It looks soOOOOOOOooOO spooky!
The temperature today were in the low 60s. You heard me right!
It was a glorious day with cloudy skies and lots of wind.

As the night grew colder, Gigs decided to make a 
fire in our living room - the first of this season. 
The warmth of the fire brought such good vibes!
Christian helped Lod with her homework while I cleaned up the dinner dishes.
 Later on, as I stepped outside to take out the trash, 
I turned to see our quaint little house with smoke
 gently wafting from the chimney. 
The smell of autumn leaves and wood smoke filled the air, 
and the moment was so peaceful and cozy.  I will never forget it.


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