Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mr. Bones Returns

 When Lottie got home from school today, she climbed her tree- as usual,
and this time, she watched Christian hang Mr. Bones (per my request)
from the tree where he will stay until November 1st.
But he doesn't mind; I'm sure he even likes it!
It's kind of morbid that we celebrate this holiday
by hanging skeletons from trees and stuff...so do I love it so much!?
I situated the solar light to shine right underneath him
so he glows eerily at night under a green spotlight.
Today was 100% Autumn glory!
The day was cool and windy; there was something special about it,
 I could smell it in the air and see it in the way 
the leaves were blowing around in the wind.
I watched in awe as Lottie skillfully navigated her way up the towering tree, 
until she reached the very top branch. 
From so high up, she loved the sensation 
of the wind rushing past her.  I loved it for her!

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