Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Last Days of Freedom!

"The last days of Freedom!" 
Lottie yelled, cannonballing off the dock into the warm summer lake.
It's true.  These days are our "lasts" before school starts on Monday.
It's so bittersweet!
I took Gigs and Lottie to the hidden lake, which we call "Hygge Lake."  
We just found out that the community surrounding this little gem has 
a legit Polar Plunge on New Year's Day.
We're going!  This spot is the perfect place for that!
I sat on the wooden Adirondack chair, reading a book while the 
kids swam, and Gigs helped instruct Lottie how to dive on the dock.
My troubles and stress slipped away, and I let myself relax
and contemplate this upcoming year and what lies ahead.

Then Gigs said he found a few leeches on his foot, 
and I got a text from Christian,
"When are you coming home?"
I realized it was nearly 6:00!  We had been there for hours!
It was time to pack it in.
And, Gigs found a pair of glasses and put them on.
He's so special.

To whom it may concern,
we put them on the picnic table next to the edge of the lake
along with TWO other pairs and one pair of sunglasses.

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