Sunday, August 27, 2023

Jane in Portugal: August 2023

Jane experienced significant changes in August, 
including becoming a Sister Training Leader, 
getting a new companion whom she adores, 
and relocating from Lisbon to Porto.
Other notable events in August include the Pope's visit to Lisbon, 
a temple visit with a new member, and Jane's sighting of a
 black cat on the fence of a home with the address 13. 
(Did you know Jane is superstitious?)
She works so hard.
Maybe she goes too hard because her heals are cracking and sore,
she gets ulcers in her mouth, and her hair falls out. 
But she is so happy and has such a beautiful attitude because
she knows this is HIS work.
Jane serves Him and is obedient to His rules.
Jane knows this mission has never been about her
or for her to gain experiences, those are just beautiful byproducts
from serving a mission FOR HIM!
Cracked heals, sores, tired legs, exhaustion, disappointment-
these are all things that will inevitably happen on a mission,
 and if you're going for you,
they will wear you down in the end.
But if you go FOR HIM,
you'll be uplifted, sustained, and blessed to finish strong
with the resilience you'll need and use for the rest of your life!
Speaking of finishing strong, she's been out officially for
Go, Jane, Go!!!!

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