Sunday, July 23, 2023

Welcome, Luke!

 This afternoon after church, Gigs drove to the airport
to pick up his cousin, Luke, from Utah.
Welcome to North Carolina, Lukie!!
Tomorrow Christian and I are driving the boys down to 
UNC Willmington to drop them off at FSY camp for the whole week!
Tonight we made pizza for dinner, they rode around on the motorcycle,
and we visited the cows.
(Waiting for #11 to have her baby!!!)
Then to end the night, the boys visited some friends.
Some LADY friends.
I'm excited for Gigs to have a buddy with him for his 
first time at FSY.
I'm also SUPER excited to spend the day with just Christian at the beach
after we drop the boys off.
Lottie starts ballet camp this week, too!

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