Saturday, July 01, 2023

Ticker Tape

After a full day of working in the yard/garden, 
we cleaned up, and Christian took us all out on a date.
(My hydrangeas are starting to bloom!)

We had black bean burgers, fries, and a shake at one of
 NC's best burger joints (we're grateful for a veggie option!)
then to see the new Indiana Jones movie.
I loved it!
Set in July of 1969, when America landed on the moon,
there is this iconic Americana scene with the red, white, and blue ticker tape
parade, it was totally a fun Summer/4th of July movie!
I thought of my brother, Topher, THE WHOLE TIME!
He would have loved it, and I would have called him to talk about that
part in the movie or when Indiana Jones rides his horse in the subway.
That part was really cool.
 He was the best play-by-play movie critic I knew.
I miss him.
(Someday, I want to experience a legit ticker tape parade!)

But perhaps the best part of the whole day was when 
we drove home in one of the best lighting storms I've ever seen.


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