Saturday, July 29, 2023

It's Just One of Those Things

 Early this morning, Christian, Lottie, and I drove to Wilmington
to pick up Gigs and his cousin, Luke, from their fun-filled week at FSY.
I am grateful for this camp opportunity for them and have been
able to spend with kids their ages with all the same standards.
We got to the campus around 11:00, picked up the boys and their gear,
grabbed lunch, and drove a few miles to Carolina Beach. 
I had never seen a North Carolina beach this crowded before.
It was Saturday, and a beach day in late July
is super dreamy; I can't blame anyone!
Luckily we found a great parking spot (after driving around for 1/2 hour)
and a nice enough place on the beach next to a group of 
young adults in swimming suits that looked more like lingerie.
After a few hours, the sky turned dark, and a downpour occurred.
Swimming in the ocean when it's raining is just one of those things; 
you just have to experience it in your life.
It's a magical feeling.
We left soon after the rain stopped because everything was sopping wet,
including our towels.
We drove home, making it just in time for the boys to go see a movie
with a few girls, they had met at camp.
Well, done, boys!
I needed to be home to make the Sacrament bread for church tomorrow,
and Christian wanted to get home to check the cows.
#11 was showing pre-labor signs before we left.

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