Friday, July 28, 2023

From the Motee-Saddle

Early this morning, around 6:00 am and before leaving for my Barre class, 
I glanced at Lottie, who is USUALLY sleeping in her bed,
 and noticed he wasn't there.
Then I heard the faint sound of a TV upstairs.
I went up to find her sitting next to her Mircalous dolls
that had FINALLY been released that morning.
This movie has been on our calendar for a year.  A FULL YEAR
she's been looking forward to this.
She was wrapped up in a blanket next to a newly opened
Root Beer.  I had to laugh!
Lottie does it right!  Even at 6:00 am!
I came home, and later that afternoon Christian and I
 watched it again with her 
while I worked on my paint-by-number.
After dinner, we got on the motorcycles and went 
to the pasture to check on the mamas.
Still waiting on #11 to have her calf; then, all the ladies
will have delivered.
Not our best calving season, but have already
picked out sire semen for the next breeding cycle in a few months.
Life just keeps marching on.

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