Friday, June 02, 2023

The Days

Mondays are my P-days ( P stands for preparation)
 It's when I do my grocery shopping and errand running.
and Fridays are my work days when I
I clean my house, like the bathrooms, dust, change sheets on beds,
mop and wax my floors, kitchen, etc...etc...
AND I mow and edge the lawn.
That's my favorite of my jobs. I LOVE mowing the lawn!
I love putting my earphones in and listening to music or an Audible.
My lawn is huge, and it takes me a good 3 hours to get everything done.
Then when I am done, I love taking my overalls off and 
sit in my neverminds on my porch swing
with a Dr. Pepper in my hand, admiring my hard work.
I did that today.
I also put up our 4th of July buntings.
Christian and Gigs served in the temple tonight with the 
other kids in our branch (congregation).
Lottie caught fireflies, and I relished my life in the country.
Until it was like 7:00, and I was starving.
It's not like we can hop in the car and drive to Cafe Rio; it's a trek
anywhere, and knowing Chrisitan was out and about among the living,
I sent him a text that said:
Sure enough, about an hour later, he and Gigs, who had finished
their time in the temple brought home food for us.

It was a very productive day.

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