Thursday, June 01, 2023

The Blue Bucket

Today after school, Lottie got her blue bucket, took all
the baby chicks out of their bin in the shed and into the bucket 
then outside near the garden planters where bugs and worms reside
to let them scratch and peck for hours.
She's been doing this for days.
Gigs claims they are his chicks since he technically
hatched them in the incubator, but Lottie is
being very motherly and keeping them happy and loved.
We are encouraging Angus outside to sit near them and protect them.
He does a great job using self-control.
I don't think he'd eat them, but he bugs them.

Tonight Christian and I accompanied the missionaries on 
a few visits and phone calls.
I love them, and they remind me of Jane and Ollie,
and I'd do anything to help and support them!

 Update on the cows:
There is NO UPDATE!
The cows are still super pregnant, but no babies yet.
We are still patiently waiting!

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