Sunday, June 18, 2023

Jane in Portugal: June 2023

 Our bishop told me I have a genetic problem, 
and that is why I am so white and have red hair 🤔🥕
Shoutout to Sister Evans and Sister Leckie.
Love them.
Love living with them.
Anjos na terra.
We met a homeless man on the street. 
He ripped off a piece of his baguette and gave it to us. 
Also snapped a banana in half for us too. His religion is Bob Marley. 
His name is Rastah(man)
Sister Evans gave him her CTR ring, and he said, 
"No, I can't take it! I will think about marrying you!"
She said, "Bro. The CTR stands for Choose The Right." 
It is SO HOT. 
I just sweat all day long.
Sometimes, we buy ourselves cold Pepsi to make it through the day.
I miss Dr. Pepper 😮‍💨
I hope Dr. Pepper misses me ❤️🤎
I love Portugal and all its cool tiles and textures! 
I love the people here and all the different cultures!

And most importantly, I love the Lord.
We are teaching this cute 13-year-old boy from São Tomé named Daniel. 
He is blind.
Sister Evans and I went to pick him up and walk him to church in the morning. 
We held his elbow and walked the 40 minutes together. 
I was talking to my dad about this experience, 
and he told me the story of the Nephite people who brought
 their sick to the Savior to be healed. 
Sometimes, we need others to bring us to church.
Sometimes we need others to bring us to the feet of the Savior.
There is healing power at church because He is the master healer.
All things will be made right, will be made perfect, through Him. 
If I know anything, it is this. 
How grateful I am for Him! 💖
Adeus! 👋🏻

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