Thursday, June 15, 2023


 Since Christian and Gigs have been at church camp in the mountains,
Lottie and I have been spending a lot of time watching movies, 
staying up really late, playing with the chicks, and (my favorite!);
organizing things...stuff, papers, toys...whatever!
After being shut in for a few days, we decided to get out and grab some
groceries, and we also stopped for lunch.
We bugged Claire in Arizona by Marco Poloing her throughout the day
and talked about ALL the things were going to do 
when she comes out to visit next week!
We bought stuff for S'mores, mixing drinks, and things for the project we were going
to do all together, just like the good 'ol days!
It's fun waking up to Punny (Lottie); she always looks so restful and 
comfortable snuggled up to one of her thousands of stuffies.
We bought tickets for the new Spiderman movie tomorrow.

She's sooooo excited.
I'm, well, I'm...old.  
Claire can't come soon enough!  
I know Lottie loves me and really likes hanging out with me,
but I'm not her sister, and there is a HUGE difference!

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