Friday, June 16, 2023


Christian and I check on our cows a few times daily because some are "with calf."
and we are waiting for them to deliver.
I'm starting to question if they really are pregnant; I mean, 
according to the physical calculations (teets now look like GIANT carrots)
we should see another baby any day.
I've been saying that for months, though, so who knows! 
As I was checking on them and their water tubs-
I heard a loud scream from the house about 500 yards away.
It was Lottie.
I panicked, jumped in the truck, and flew home.
As I was driving through our gate, Lottie was running up to me with the
new baby chicks in her hands.
"Mom, I swear I saw a copperhead snake! Mom, I swear!"
I was so worried and relieved she was OK.
I raised my eyebrow and said,
"But, Lod, how do you know?"
"Well, I think it was; anyway, I was so scared he'd eat the chicks."
Then I said to her, giving her a little hug:
"Well, don't scream like that unless you're dying. I was so worried."

I always feel better leaving her with Angus; he's the best guard dog,
even though he's more bark than bite.
Later as planned, we went to see Spiderman.
It's totally creative, cool music, but what the heck is going on?
There are so many layers and characters,
 and I could barely keep my eyes open.
 I must have checked my phone every minute because 
I'm team Tobey, just Tobey.

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