Tuesday, June 20, 2023

He Gathered Them all In

 The news is that Hurricane Bret is coming our way, 
and today, we began seeing the signs.  
While I was on the phone with Ollie 
(and Claire and Christian, since it's P-day), 
it sounded like a freight train blew through the house.  
The front door swung open, and rain started pouring sideways, 
seeping into our windows.  The wind was wild, blowing violently!
Gigs was super worried because our little chickens
 (who, in the morning, usually cuddle up on the front steps of our house) 
freaked out, running around, hiding under bushes and under the house.

He spent the next twenty minutes trying to catch them to put 
them back in the Hytte, where they'd be warm and safe
and sound from the storm, and he eventually gathered them all.
I felt the spirit as I watched him search
and search the backyard looking under, above, and around things to find 
these helpless week-old chicks while the wind and rain drenched him.
When he finally got them all in, he stopped before
coming inside, asked for a towel, then stripped down, leaving all his
sopping wet clothes on the porch.
The care and love Gigs put into finding them was very Christlike.
Christ gathers us safely into Him, where we are safe from
the storms of the world--and there is so much turmoil in the world!!
So many times, I have pleaded for the Lord to find me, teach me, save me,
and I know, like Gigs, that He, too, is searching for me in the storms of life
to get me back into His arms where I will be safe, warm, and happy. 
"...I have gathered thy children together, 
even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings,..."
-Matthew 23:37

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