Saturday, May 27, 2023


A few weeks ago, Nicholas was asked by our friends to take care of their 
beautiful chickens while they went out of town.
This is a job he's this before, and he usually brings home the eggs they lay,
which I love because I'm enamored by the colors and always set
them out on the kitchen counter because they make me happy,
 and they are, of course, delicious!
This time, he gathered the eggs (all 21 of them) and brought them home
and put them in our egg incubator.
Unsure of the outcome, they cooked under the warm glow for 24 hours
for about 21 days, and then, one day, we noticed movement in the eggs,
then a tiny crack in the shell, and yesterday little beaks sticking out.
Then today, one by one, all the eggs hatched together simultaneously.
We only lost one chick out of the bunch (and have 5 more cooking).
They are the cutest little creatures ever!
We've been glued to their box, observing them carefully,
and Gigs and Lottie have successfully named each one!
I'm sad Jane isn't around for this because Jane is my chicken girl.
She raised chickens when we lived at the ranch in New Mexico.
She'll be so excited to see them when she comes home IN 8 MONTHS!
(But who's counting???)
Christian left for a work trip in Virginia and hasn't been around
for the hatching, but I've sent him photos and videos.
Life is just a beautiful miracle.
A beautiful, beautiful miracle.

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