Monday, April 24, 2023

Waffle Crisp

 When I met twenty-two-year-old Christian Nielson, 
he told me his favorite cereal was Waffel Crisp.
I had never had it before.  
He learned about it on his church mission in Kentucky.
After we were married, we bought it often- but not for morning
breakfast, for after the kids were in bed snack.
We cherished those moments, but then out of nowhere, we couldn't find it
anymore.  It wasn't at any grocery stores, and we couldn't even find an online
distributor.  It was actually really sad.
Today, we walked into our local Food Lion and glowing brightly
before us in the cereal aisle, there it was, Waffle Crisp!
Christian literally grabbed seven boxes- for good measure.
And just like that, our in-bed snacking resumed.
Welcome back, good ol' friend!

Lottie and I retreated to the hammock high in our front yard tree this evening.
It's so peaceful and calm up there.
It's been so fun to watch the leaves growing greener and bigger as the
warm weather heats up Stillestead.

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