Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Before the accident, many moons ago, I used two websites to download
 my photos; Shutterfly and Snapfish.
Today, I received an e-mail from Costco informing me that they were
teaming up with Shutterfly, and I could access all my photos from
Shutterfly on the Costco website.
That was a lot of information just to say that I had totally forgotten
about the Shutterfly until today, which then
reminded me about Snapfish,
 and again was very presently surprised when I logged into that
account and found more photos of my little family from 2002-2008!
I found myself longing for those simple days!
Mostly I want my babies to be little again!!!!


Christian & Claire 
Utah, 2002:

Me (pregnant with Jane) and Christian 
Utah, 2002:

Me at a High School friend's wedding shower. 
I already had two children:
(Katie with Jane, me with Claire, Sarah, Jess, Carly, and Julianne)
Provo, Utah 2003:

Watering plants in the Lazona House backyard
Arizona, 2007:

The girls flying in Daddy's plane
Arizona, 2008:

Me and Gigs
Arizona, 2007:

Christian with Claire and Jane 
Arizona, 2007:

Claire and Jane "teaching" primary to Ollie
Arizona, 2007:

Jane Bronwyn's blessing day with Lucy and Mom at the cabin
Wallsburg, Utah, 2003:

Jimmy! 2003:

Halloween door at the Yellow House (with a baby bottle on the porch)
Provo, Utah, 2003:

Claire and Christian Mesa, Arizona, 
Summer 2003:

Sisters! Provo, Utah 2005:

Ollie and his best friend, Buzz:
Mesa, Arizona, 2007:

Jane in the mulberry Bungalow treehouse
Mesa, Arizona, 2007:

Ollie and Jane snoozing
Mesa, Arizona, 2007:

Yesterday is History
by, Emily Dickinson

Yesterday is History,
’Tis so far away—
Yesterday is Poetry—
’Tis Philosophy—

Yesterday is mystery—
Where it is Today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

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