Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The much awaited call....

This morning while I was in Whole Foods, 
I unexpectedly got a phone call from ELDER NIELSON in Brazil!!
I was so excited, I nearly screamed!
"Ollie!!!  Hi, son!  Are you there?"
He smiled really big but looked like a zombie!
He told me that he hadn't slept at all on the plane, which
means he'd been going for over 24 hours without sleep.
He made it safe and sound and seemed so happy!
"Mom, I think I'm going to like it here.
I can't talk long right now; I'm going to orientation, 
but I can call you one more time today."
I waited for the phone to ring for, like, five hours until he called again.
And when he did, I was sitting at the table with Lottie doing homework,
then I had Claire and Curly join us.
He showed us out the window of his dorm and told us
about the laundry system, the food, and a few general rules.
Then he said he needed to go to dinner and that we could
talk next week. 
I went to bed feeling so relieved and overwhelmed with love,
and gratitude to the Savior for my children, for their
dedication to Him and for Him, and for the peace, 
I needed so much. 
And Christian came home!!  All is well!
Also, check out the Tree of Life in my front yard:
So beautiful!


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