Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The many haircuts of Gigs.

 I hate that the world uses the name Karen to describe 
entitled and/or demanding women
because I know a few lovely, wonderful women named Karen.
Most notably, the fierce Karen Blixen from the movie Out of Africa.
She was kinda cool.
Anyway, today, Gigs got his haircut, and when he came home,
he was in boy tears
(which don't actually fall from the eyes, but just kind
of cloud up in the center).
For MONTHS I've been begging him to get a haircut,
and I've been hoping he'd chop it, but instead, and just like his previous haircuts,
he comes home with the same haircut. 
 Today's game plan for his haircut was to cut it all one length.
He also had a few photos to take for reference, including a photo
from my yearbook in 1997 of one of the cool boys at school, Jeremey. 
(And Kurt Cobain...blah)
When he came home, he WAS NOT HAPPY.
His hair was cut to one length as he wanted, but 
it looked like it had an a-line or something.
He put his hat on and didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.
The bad this is this little debacle has happened before.

The thing about Gigs is he knows what he wants, 
and more often than not, I am so quick to jump in
and throw my ideas and opinions all over him.
He's different from the older three Nies.  
He likes different music and clothes and sees 
everything in unique and different ways.
He has a unique and creative mind, and I swear he sees more colors
because everything is magical, like a discovery waiting to happen.
He's calm and chill and takes his time with everything.
Bad haircut or not, he's so handsome!  His long body,
strong arms, legs, hands, lush lips, and beautiful brown eyes.

We bought some good hair products, and in time he'll grow into his
hair (and he'll probably never trust me again).
H announced to all of us that he wouldn't wash his hair for a month.
I don't know why or what that will do, but we'll see!

Lottie took a photo of his haircut on Google Lens, and this is what
pulled up:

It said, "Top 10 best Karen Haircuts".
We all had a good laugh.

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