Saturday, March 04, 2023


 This morning I had the AMAZING opportunity to join in via
Zoom the baptism of one of Jane's friends whom she and her companion
taught the gospel to Portugal!
It was sooooo amazing!
They sang songs obviously in Portuguese, and I sang along, too
(on mute, of course), in English, marveling at how the gospel
of Jesus Christ knows no language barriers or any barriers for that matter!
The spirit feels the same EVERYWHERE, truth is felt ANYWHERE,
and the Savior LOVES and WANTS all His children to follow Him!
I was moved to tears!
It was so fun to see Jane bug in action, too!
The boys went golfing this afternoon (perks of home MTC on P-day!),
and Lottie and I went to the craft store.

She bought some tiny canvases for her to paint something fantastic.
I also got a little inspired for Easter and bought some wooden eggs.
We grabbed dinner, and I made sure my phone wasn't 
in my hands while we were together. 
(Except for that once when we both wanted
to know a Spanish word we had heard in the Puss and Boots movie).
I want her to see that she's the most important!
The boys came home soon after we did, and Gigs had a little
mini snake in his hands that he had found while golfing.
He brought it home for Lottie to hold and see.
They both are fascinated with these little critters!
We cleaned up and went to bed!

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