Monday, March 06, 2023

Bees are buzzing.

Spring is in full force here at Stillestead!
The blossoms are blooming, the bees buzzing around, 
flowers popping up and out, and the sun shining bright!
We invited a family over for dinner and 
to meet with the missionaries this evening,
and Ollie helped teach the lesson on his MTC day #8.
I was so proud of him! He shared his love and testimony about
 God's plan of Happiness and love for His children-us!
He's going to do such a fantastic
job on his mission.
Earlier today, at lunch (he made me a burrito, his favorite!),
I broke down in tears and sobs, thinking about him leaving.
We had a sweet moment in the kitchen with beans and cheese
in our mouths, hugging it out.
Ahhhh, just a few more days with us at home.
Can I do this again???
Tonight, a beautiful full moon shone spectacularly
next to our tree, which I call "The Tree of Life."
I had a FULL DAY!
Grocery shopping at four stores, INCLUDING Costco!
(I HATE Costco)
Chatted with my Jane bug missionary in Portugal
Talked with Claire, the newest nurse in the burn unit!
These long-distant phone calls are blessings!
Pretty soon, Elder Nielson will be calling on Monday, too!

Good night MONDAY!  
I don't want to see your face for a whole week!


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