Sunday, February 19, 2023

Jane in Portugal: February 2023

Jane is doing fantastic!! Her language is amazing, 
and she spent her 20th birthday serving the lovely people of Portugal.
Her shoes are falling apart!
I sent her a birthday package with a few pairs of shoes,
hopefully, they'll fit!

She and her new companion, Sister Evans, get along lovely!
They have very similar likes and even some of the same clothes!!
Jane's determined to NOT cut her hair until she comes home,
when she claims she'll cut it short.
She's so busy to write letters home, but once and a blue moon 
I get a written report, and I'll add it to my blog when I do.

She loves her area, her apartment, and the cute little bakery
on the bottom floor.
She's a lucky girl!
She LOVES sharing the good news of the gospel,
and she LOVES Jesus!

I love them both, too!

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