Monday, February 20, 2023


 This evening, Christian and Lottie went out to the cows to move the 
fence- time to graze a new pasture.
Christian (and his app, BovIQ) has created a grazing plan for our herd,
and he knows exactly when to move them into a new area for ideal grazing.
Lottie loves going out with him to work.
She puts on her boots (and her brother's coat) and follows Christian outside.
It will be one of her core memories with her dad.
After dinner, she put on a little "Puss in Boots" play for us
creating the outfit with regular stuff around the house.
I was totally impressed.
I think I know what she's going to be for Halloween...
IF she'll dress up. She's at that sad age where it's not cool to 
dress up or to even wear clothes with animals or flowers on them.
EXCUSE ME? NOOOOOOOO!!! I'm not ready for that yet!
Did I already mention she reminds me 

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