Monday, February 13, 2023

I Chews YOU.

 Tonight I helped Lottie put together Valentine's for her class party tomorrow.
We used the ol-standby:
"I CHEWS you"  and bubblegum.
We've used this gem for years!
And who doesn't want bubblegum?!
Well, apparently, my tooth, that's who!
I was chewing a piece of that delicious Buble Yum as fast as I was helping
Lottie stuff the bags, and all of a sudden, my tooth plopped out.
Wait what?!
How does a tooth just pull out??
Then I remembered I was old, AND I like to eat caramel, candy,
and chew gum, so of course, this was my destiny.
But now I had a massive hole in my mouth.
I called my dentist, who was at one point also my bishop, and 
it turns out it was my crown that plopped out.
But STILL!!!!

It hurts.

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