Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day! 2023.

 Happy Valentine's Day from our home of love to yours!
This morning Lottie woke up, put on as many pink and red clothes
as she had in her closet, then I did her hair, a heart braid 
(thank you, Audrey, from IG), then we zoomed into the school just in time!
I'm dying to think this year is Lottie's LAST YEAR to make Valentines for
her classmates and her LAST YEAR to have a school Valentine's Day party.
My heart is breaking!  How did this happen??
I spent the afternoon preparing for our Valentine's Day dinner.
I made cupcakes and started the pizza dough.
Our tradition is heart-shaped pizzas, although, in reality, Lottie
was the only one who actually shaped her pizza into a heart this year.
Everything was delicious and fun; just two things were missing.
I hate to say it, but things are not as fun without them.
All our family traditions are more fun when they were around.
Claire and I did some video chatting, and she sent me a little darling
 video she had made of her and Jane throughout the years together.
It made me cry.
Man, I miss them!
Then, not to be cheesy, but Christian and I danced
 to our song together in the kitchen
in front of the Nies, and I cried on his shoulder.
I am so grateful to be his Valentine and mine
for the last 23 years!

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