Monday, January 16, 2023

We're the worst.

This afternoon our plane landed in sunny Phoenix, and Gigs, Lottie,
and I made it into the arms of Christian, Claire, Ollie, and our dearest
friends, the Joneses!! 
Gigs zonked out upon arrival, which is funny because 
he was dead asleep the WHOLE 4+ hour flight...teenager boys! 
And just like typical Jonesons, we talked for three
hours about where we were going to go for dinner, then ate
SUPER late until we were the last in the restaurant.
We're the worst.
We caught up on all the important stuff, our missionaries;
(Jane in Portugal and Livvy in Utah), our other kids, jobs, and the fact that
Claire is going to be living with them until she finds an apartment.
It's so nice to be here!

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