Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Speaking in Cali.

This morning Christian and I spoke to the Vericel health professional team 
at their annual conference.
It was so cool to speak to them about how their product, Epicel, 
saved my badly burned legs after the accident and 
enabled me to live a beautiful life filled with color, joy, and experiences,
like the opportunity to hike Kilimanjaro!
Epicel grafts are made by growing a patient's skin cells in an incubator. 
The finished grafts will be used by surgeons to replace 
the outer layer of damaged skin. 
Thousands of burn patients have been treated 
successfully using this technique.
We also met the sales rep in charge of our case 14 years ago!
What an extraordinary full-circle moment.
He was the one who transported samples to my hospital bed in Phoenix
to the lab in Boston.
We took questions from the audience and told stories about
life and how recovery is treating us.
Another blessed reminder that life is so wonderful and we're
so lucky to be here!

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