Sunday, January 22, 2023

Jane in Portugal: January 2023.

Oi querido amigos! 
The big news around here is that I was transferred North. 
I left my first area (Seixal) and now serve in Aviero! 🤩
I love it! 
It is so beautiful! Here there are little rivers and canals with
 brightly painted boats, and the houses are so beautiful! 💕
Lisbon/Seixal was really cool! Like, modern art vibes - 
but Aveiro is just so European and lovely! 
The ward congregation is incredible and willing to help 
with the missionary work! Many of our members are from
 Latin America and don't speak Portuguese - so....catch me learning Spanish ✌🏻😚
On an exciting note, we were on a train, and some drunk guy grabbed my head
  and then told me to f-off when I promptly stood up and ran away from him
on the opposite end of the train. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
I guess I just have that effect on people...🧚🏻‍♀️
I live with my companion (Sister Adib -who I love half to death, 
she is an incredible missionary and makes me laugh so much) and 2 other sisters
 (in one of the nicest apartments in the mission 💁🏻‍♀️ I am SO spoiled.)
I adore them! We have so much fun - we work and play hard. 
We also live above a pastelaria, so the stairwell 
always smells like yummy bread and pastries. 🤤
I am so happy! The work here is so blessed! 🌞 
For example:
1. We were buying pastel de nata, and the woman at the
 register started to cry when she saw that we had the 
Savior's name on our name tags. 
We are now teaching her the restored gospel of Christ 🤍

2. A woman was so thrilled when we told her that after His resurrection,
 Jesus came and showed himself to and ministered 
to the people in ancient America too. She said, 
"I knew it never made sense that He would only visit the 
people on one side of the world!
 I am so glad to hear that!"
My lil heart 🥰3. SEVEN of the friends we are teaching came to church on Sunday! 
I hope they felt the spirit and the love of the Lord there 🙏🏻

I love this gospel! I love seeing how it blesses the lives of God's children. 
I love the people here with all of my heart! I love the Savior. 
This is the Lord's work and His glory...He's got big plans for us.

That's all.

Adeus! 👋🏻
p.s. I already have 6 months on the mission. How did that happen?? 
It is going sooo fast! 
To imagine that I only have a year of this joy-filled work left...*dies*👻😨
Also, I ate a pig's ear. Ok. 

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