Monday, January 23, 2023

First Day on the job.

 Over Christmas break, Gigs applied for and got a job, 
and it went like this:
Gigs: "Mom, I got a job yesterday."
Me: "Wait, what?  Where?" 
Gigs: "Taco Bell slash Kentucky Fried Chicken." 
Me: "What?"
Gigs: "Yes, I start in January 
and need to drop off my social security card."
Me: "Well, which one will you work at, KFC or Taco Bell?"
Gigs: "I don't know, wherever they need me."

So today was the first day at his new job.
I picked him up from school, and we drove across
 the street to Taco Bell/KFC.
But first, he changed the clothes that I had brought for him
(black pants and shoes per the dress code).
Turns out, the pants I bought and brought
 him in the car were too small, and luckily
Ollie was in the car with us and HAD ON BLACK PANTS
but was very, VERY hesitant to give them up.
"You'll make them smell really bad." I think his words were followed by,
"you owe me big time." 
Then both boys stripped down to their undies in the
 back seat of the car and exchanged black pants.
After dinner, Ollie, Lottie, Christian, and I jumped in the car
and drove to see Gigs.  We went to the drive-through hoping
he'd serve us, but apparently, the "system" was down, and they couldn't
serve us.  The manager told us to return in 20 minutes, and it
would be up and running.  The funny thing was, they closed in 10 minutes.
Hmmm...well played, manager.
Then Gigs walked out the door to take the trash out, perfect timing.
We'll try another night again, besides there isn't much we like at
Taco Bell.  In fact, I don't even know the last time I went there.

They only had a size XL in his uniform shirt. 
 He was literally drowning in it!  
I am super proud of Gigs for initiating this job, 
we'll see how long it lasts.

His snake, Candace, needs a frozen mouse every week, so he needs a job
to keep up with her feeding habits, and needs money 
to feed his other critter children.

Go, Gigs!
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