Thursday, January 26, 2023

It's all good stuff.


Coming home from a trip is the worst.
I went into my Barre class feeling a little low and unmotivated,
my horizon is, of course, beautiful, but admittedly, 
I'm also feeling some weight, too.
Seeing Claire's empty bedroom and Oliver's missionary 
gear packed in a pile for his departure in March was a killer.  
So. Much. Change.
Today when the day was winding down, I started a fire, lit my candles, 
listened to my U2 playlist and made dinner.
I don't want these days to be remembered as somber, instead,
I want to have a good attitude so I can look back on my 2023
and remember that there was so much change, but I was enjoying every second of
it, it is, after all, all good stuff.
I'm ready for January to move on!

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