Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 This morning, I found myself driving 45 minutes away
to a particular FedEx store in Durham to pick up six Asian Forest scorpions
(that grow up to 6 inches) and a Vinegaroon scorpion that Gigs bought.
Since they are live creatures, they need to be picked up right when 
they arrive at the location, and since I had nothing better to do (NOT),
I picked them up along with several other customers in line who were
picking up their creatures like; jumping spiders, an
orchid praying mantis, and a tarantula.

Later, Ollie and I drove to Walgreens for the 
THIRD time to get his Visa passports photos for his mission.
Then we went to pick up Lottie and then Gigs from school.
It's been pouring rain all day (I LOVE IT), and we came home, made a fire, 
lit the candles, and then I started dinner.  
Gigs showed me his new friends, which are super creepy, especially the 
Vinegaroon scorpion.  Gigs named her
Leia because her pinchers look like rolled-up buns on her head, similar
to Princess Leia from Star Wars.
While driving or cooking, ironing, or what-have-you, I've been listening
 to a book called Bittersweet by Susan Cain,
 World That Can't Stop Talking-one of my favorite books!!!!!!!).
I'm learning more about myself and why I like sad movies, books, and music.
There IS A REASON, and I feel so validated!
It also may confirm why I like gloomy days like today.
Stay tuned.

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