Friday, December 02, 2022

Lightly Dusted.

 Today I sent a text to the boys while they were at 
school and asked them to meet me at the Christmas tree area at 
Lowe's after school so we could pick out a tree for the
living room and one for upstairs, too!

Our text thread was silent for a few hours before Gigs texted back.
"Can we get a treat too?"
I, of course, said YES, knowing full well that I'd want one too.
I needed their strong muscles to help me load it up in the truck.
So grateful for them!
At the check-out, I noticed a can of faux snow and grabbed a couple.
I had this vision of my tree flocked just like the ones
in Utah.  After the tree was up, I began spraying.
When every last ounce of the spray was gone, the tree looked like someone
had sprinkled dust on its limbs instead of thick white snow.
It wasn't what I had envisioned at all.
But turns out I liked it even though everyone was dubious.

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