Thursday, October 06, 2022

Sweet 16 Gigs!.

 Happy birthday to my SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD
Last night Christian hung up the "16" balloons in the kitchen
 just like we always do for our Nies on the eve of their birthdays.
For the past few birthdays, we've reenacted a photo together, and
 this year I picked the picture of us on his blessing day in 
Mesa, Arizona, when he was three months old.
He was such a chubby little tike, 
and I was a young 25-year-old mom.  
He spent the day at the state fair
 showing the prized turkey he raised from a little poult.
What a fun way to spend a 16th birthday!
(I'm kind of kidding.  He was NOT happy about it,
but at least he got checked out of school!).
He got 7th place, a ribbon, 
and even sold the poult for money afterward!
Way to go, Gigs!  My little (tall) FFA champion!
For dinner, we went to get sandwiches (he requested),
then came home to a store-bought ice cream cake 
because that's what he wanted.
Sadly to report, it was disgusting.
But the edible confetti candles were fantastic!
Happy birthday to my darling boy, Gigs!
I love you so much!

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