Tuesday, September 06, 2022

She made it!.

 Today I received an e-mail and photo from Jane's mission President
 who informed me that Jane made it to Portugal!!

Dear Parents of Sister Nielson,

"We are so happy to inform you that we have welcomed your 
daughter safely in our mission. 
She is an amazing young woman and we are very excited to work 
side-by-side with her over the next 18 months. 
We are so grateful for her decision to serve the Lord in this wonderful country of Portugal. 
We are equally grateful for your support during her preparation to come to the field...
Your daughter has been called by God to be an instrument in 
His hands and fulfill the promises and prophecies made by 
His servants for this blessed land. We will work with all 
our might to help her grow during this time of her life and become a true disciple 
of Jesus Christ and help many people be converted to the restored gospel...

Thank you for your love and support to your missionary during her mission. 
We assure you she will be loved and well taken care of by us during all her time here.  

President and Sister Barcellos 

Tears are falling...

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