Sunday, September 04, 2022

Rise and shout Jane!.

Today on P-Day, Jane called from the MTC 
and asked if I'd get a look into her e-mail 
to read and report on an e-mail she was expecting about her Visa.
As I was searching, I found an e-mail from BYU.
I opened it up, and I said:
"Jane, there's one here from BYU. Do you want me to read it?"
"Sure." She said.
So I opened it up.
"Jane, it says, "congratulations, you're admitted to 
the 2023 Winter semester!!!!"
Then I said,
"Wait, you applied to BYU? When? How did I not even
know about this?!"
This is so typical of Jane.
Congratulations, Jane Bug, for being a COUGAR!


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