Monday, August 15, 2022

She's off!!.

 Today we tearfully said farewell to our beautiful Sister Nielson.
We drove to the airport in the dark, yawning and sniffling the whole way.
Before saying our final goodbyes, I handed Jane a pack of
letters written by some of her favorite and 
most influential women.  
(I added letters from her siblings, too!).

Months ago, I mailed a letter and included a card 
and asked them to write Jane a letter and send it back to me
 (addressed to me for secrecy).
I put them together and handed them to her on her way to the gate.
We were both crying.

  The letters were written with their wisdom, advice, 
support, and encouragement. 
I hope these letters inspire and encourage her throughout her mission.
She could open two every month until she gets home.
So many incredible women, so much good advice, so much love!
After she left our arms, she was never alone. 
Strangers accompanied her from Raleigh to Chicago and into Salt Lake
 (and took photos with her and sent them to me!).
(With a new stranger friend, Samantha,
 who also took these cute photos of Jane)
My brother Matt, who has special privileges at the airport, was 
waiting for her at her gate as she departed the plane. 
He helped her gather her suitcases and walked her to the car
 where my parents were waiting to take her to the Mission Training Center.
How thankful I am for today. It's been hard and sad and
 wonderful all at the same time!
This is all for Him. We can do anything for Him!
Estamos tão orgulhosos de você, Jane!

Back at home, when Stillestead woke up, Gigs mowed the lawn
and Ollie was loading more mulch around our trees. 
I have gooooood boys!
Lottie's school clothes came in the mail.
She tried them all on for us, and we oohed and awwed 
and then I fell asleep on her bed.
Later in the day, I got a text (my last from her)
and she told me she had made it to the MTC and
she was turning her phone off for 18 months.

Here we go...
(Here is Jane's cute Zoom district)

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