Tuesday, August 02, 2022

She's all in.

 Today was my turn to be Jane's companion, 
and I joined her at the church for the day/night.
Honestly, I enjoyed the quiet time all to myself for several hours.
I read, studied my scriptures, journaled, and wrote some e-mails.
About every hour, Jane would get a small break,
 and together we'd walk around the dark church and talk about her 
teachers, her cute zoom companion (who lives in Colorado),
and learning the language.
Around midnight I ran out of gas, but not Jane; she was still going strong.

She's so dedicated to the mission.
She's all in, 100%.
I am so proud of her!

We came home, and Claire and Lottie were waiting for Jane in bed.
The girls have slept together since Claire got home.
I love my Little Women.

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