Friday, August 19, 2022

Learning to Piviot

 We had to zip home from Virginia to be home for Claire's first shift
as a volunteer working twice a week in the Raleigh temple.
She's such a good girl who has her priorities straight.
Her life hasn't been going exactly as she envisioned it when she
left her mission in Brazil.
But she's learning to pivot and find joy in other opportunities
that life presents in her path.
She's hanging in there, making plans, and praying for the future she
hopes and wants.  Ultimately, we know the Lord is in charge; if we
do our part, he'll do His.
He always keeps his promises.
In other news, Jane is doing fantastic!
Google photos are lovely because every time she takes a picture they
upload to the cloud, and then I see what she's doing in real time.
Like eating at the Aloha plate for lunch or "Cafe West" for a burrito for dinner,
doing laundry, studying, picking up packages
 from our wonderful family members who live in Provo.

She also sent a photo of her standing in the MTC 
overlooking the beautiful Y mountain and, of course, Fox Hill
Her caption read,
 "Fox Hill!  It's so fun to see!  
I am so grateful the Lord has a plan for our family.
Also, so many other houses are being built around it, mom,
you would hate it!".
She's 100% right about that!
One of the reasons I loved that land and house was how secluded it felt up
there on the mountainside.  
The word is out (we knew it would), and people are buying land there
to build homes (can you blame them??). 
I knew it wouldn't be quiet for long, which was 
one of the reasons I felt alright about our move back in 2017.
Literally, 90% of my family lives within 5 miles of the MTC, so 
it's been strange for Jane to be so close and not see anyone!
But she's doing SO GOOD!  
She loves the MTC, her district, and even the food!
And she joined the MTC choir!!!!

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