Monday, August 22, 2022

Goodbye, Pirates!.

Chrisitan politely "let go" the pirates' contractors
from their duties working at Stillestead.  
After about a week of not showing up to finish jobs,
 we told them not to come back.
Now we're left with rooms full of tools and unfinished projects, but
at least we don't have to worry about them literally walking in on us before dawn
sleeping in our beds, using our bathroom, smoking on the porch, 
and just a general lack of boundaries and respect. 
But somehow, in Christian's free time (hahaha, yeah, right, free time),
he will oversee the projects with all of us "helping."
Today Lottie and I cleaned up the back porch so we could 
start hanging and enjoying that space.
Previously it was used for tools and equipment, and we had never
been able to enjoy it.
We're still a long way away from finishing the porch, but at least now
we can enjoy it and eat out there.
We have a fantastic fig tree in our backyard that we've been devouring.
Later this evening, Christian and I rode our motorcycles 
and met up with CB and Nellie for dinner.
 They are such good pals, and we're grateful for their friendship!

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