Thursday, July 07, 2022

I love boys!

 I am so grateful for BOYS!
My boys are such a HUGE help!  
There are some jobs I just can't physically do,
my hands can't grasp tools very well, and Ollie single-handed
hacked away at the 15-year-old iris bulbs in the front garden bed.
It was A TON of work, and there must have been 100 bulbs.
He hacked, pushed, pulled, and hacked some more
until all the bulbs were all out.  
The boys helped me unload the new soil into the beds.
They make me laugh so much, too.
Gigs especially is so funny, and Ollie thinks I am funny
and laughs at me, and then I feel cool.
I wonder if my mom ever felt this way about me.
The boys also helped Christian install some
of the new lighting inside.
I'm not crazy about the light I chose for the dining room.
The boys don't know it yet, but I'm going to ask them to take it
down. But I'll wait until tomorrow to do that.
One thing about Stillested is the internet is super spotty!
We're having a more reliable provider installed, 
but it won't happen for another month,
so the Nies can't do much on their phones, which means I
get their undivided attention and help!

A win for mom!

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