Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Goodbye Pizza

 Today we stayed at The House on the 6th so we could start packing and 
preparing for our move.
We have SO much to do, and I am having a tough time
focusing on our jobs at hand because it's so much.
Move, pack, stack, go through, get rid of, repeat.
It's exhausting.
 Jane made dough, and we decided to 
make pizza in the backyard at this house one last time.
Christian is a pizza oven expert and has the pizzas timed
perfectly for sensational crust and flavor!
I'm enjoying our family pizza nights.
I'm going to miss this house.
It's been so good to us, with lots and lots of room
and wonderful landlords.
It was a pleasure being there.
Today Gigs let me ride his tricked-out bike,
and since it's a trick bike, I did some impressive tricks on it.
He wasn't impressed but did take my photo for his Be Real account.
Kids these days.

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