Sunday, July 31, 2022


 This morning at church,
Claire gave a talk and reported on her mission,
 and the last 18 months of serving the people of Brazil and, of course, the Lord.
After Jane gave her farewell talk, including testimony in
her newly learned Portuguese.
She did exceptionally well!
Frankly, I was blown away by my girls.  
Holy moly, are they beautiful and bright!!
They radiate such love and joy.
And they both speak so clearly and confidently.
The best part about them, and what will make them
exceptional missionaries, is their desire to want to be disciples
of Christ.  They want to be good, improve and grow.
(Now Claire wants to find her prince Charming who 
 sees her potential, her beauty, and who, of course, will deserve her).
Jane will be a great missionary like Claire,
who was such a good leader!
I was just so overwhelmed by my beautiful girls, my family,
and the love Christ has for His children--me, you, all of us. 

Also, today I was released as the ward Relief Society president since
we are moving to a new ward (actually, it's a branch).
For over two years, I absolutely LOVED serving 
 the women in our congregation.
But my favorite part was serving and learning
 closely with my presidency, Kathrine, Susan, and Suzanne!!
I will miss them terribly.

On Sundays, and only Sundays (for some reason),
the Nies still all squish together in the second row of the car.

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